Nationaal programma voor het behoud van het papieren erfgoed

"Sources on Slavery and Slave Trade" Symposium

[ 15 04 2021 ]
Symposium over slavernij

On 23 April 2021 Rijksmuseum, the National Archives of the Netherlands and the KB, National Library of the Netherlands will host the online symposium “Sources on Slavery and the Slave Trade”. The symposium will examine a more inclusive use of sources for museums, archives and libraries. These sources are used by these institutions to create presentations or conduct research on slavery and the slave trade. Which sources should we consider? What can they add to the stories told by museums up to now? And should we reconsider the definitions currently being used in this context? Marisa Fuentes is the keynote speaker in this symposium. She is an author, historian and associate professor of Women’s and Gender Studies at Rutger’s University, New Jersey.  


The programme is in English and can be attended by livestream: The programme outline is as follows:

  • 13.00    Opening by Nancy Jouwe, moderator
  • 13.05    Keynote address by Marisa Fuentes
  • 13.40    Museum practice, in cooperation with Eveline St. Nicolaas, Valika Smeulders, Felicia Fricke
  • 14.40    Archival research. Stanley Griffin, Karwan Fatah Black, Maria Karg and Coen van Galen
  • 15.40    Launch of Metamorfoze thematic web page 
  • 15.50    Panel discussion. International professionals working for archives and museums reflect on the increased accessibility and application of these sources
  • 16.30    Closing address by Nancy Jouwe

Who is it for?

Anyone interested in the topics of slavery, inclusive use of sources and doing research on slavery and slave trade is warmly invited to participate in this symposium.  

Registration and more information

Attending the symposium is free of charge.

Reasons for this symposium

Rijksmuseum, the National Archives of the Netherlands and the National Library of the Netherlands are organising this symposium to celebrate the opening of the exhibition on slavery (more information to follow) and the completion of the theme of slavery in the Metamorfoze programme, under which almost 2 million archival records relating to slavery and the slave trade were restored and digitised.