Nationaal programma voor het behoud van het papieren erfgoed

Digitizing sources on slavery

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has allocated additional funding to Metamorfoze with the purpose of digitizing sources on the Dutch history of slavery. The temporary funding program is intended to make all kinds of sources accessible and available online. Digitized sources can be used for historical research and play a part in education.

Heritage institutions from the Netherlands and the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom can submit an application for funding. Sources that are eligible for funding are:

  • Archives of families who participated in the economy or administration of the former Dutch colonies or trading companies
  • Archives of cities or administrative institutions that had a major interest in trade with the former Dutch colonies
  • Plantation archives
  • Notarial archives
  • Archives of missionary organizations
  • Sources regarding slavery:
    • Collections of books or pamphlets
    • Photo or print collections or objects
    • Museum collections
    • Oral history

Interested in applying?

We especially encourage smaller institutions with particular perspectives on the history of slavery to apply. You are welcome to contact us for consultation if you have any doubts about whether your institution has relevant material.

Owners of an archive or collection of heritage institutions in the Kingdom of the Netherlands can submit an application for the digitization of archives and collections concerning the history of slavery until September 15, 2024